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Pet Care Articles And Information

How to Care for Your Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish, or Ferret

Welcome to the pet care resource website.

Here you'll find articles and information dealing with pet health care, supplies, names, training, and many other issues related to keeping pets.

Whether you're looking for information or resources dealing with dogs, cats, fish, birds, ferrets, or some other type of animal, then you've come to the right place.

This site is constantly growing with more and more information to help you enjoy and get the most out of your pet keeping experience.

Because caring for pets is not always easy, but there are answers to every problem. We don't have every answer to every problem, but we do hope to give you plenty of useful information.

Recent pet care articles -

German Shepherd Dog Names - Just buy a German Shepherd puppy dog? Here is a big list of German Shepherd dog names and meanings. This index will give you plenty of naming ideas.

Japanese Akita Dog Names - Here is a big listing of Akita dog names and meanings.

Chihuahua Names - Your new Chihuahua puppy dog needs a fantastic name to fit his or her unique character and personality. This long list of Chihuahua names will give you plenty of great ideas for naming your new special doggie.

Cat Behavior Problems - If you own a cat, then you know what sort of problems you have to deal with. Cat spraying, scratching, and not using the litter box are the major problems. This article will give you reasons for the behavior as well as some good solutions.

Pet Insurance - Do you have pet insurance for your dog, cat, snake, parrot or other precious animal? It's a really good idea and is probably more affordable than you might think. Find out more information about pet insurance.

Why Cats Purr - One of the most soothing sounds in nature is a cat's purr. Learn how and why all felines engage in this behavior.

Pet Bird Breeding - Answers to the most common pet bird breeding questions. Are the eggs fertilized? How long does it take them to hatch? Do birds need nest boxes?

Why Cats Knead - Learn how and why cats feel the need to knead. This fascinating behavior can be both charming and annoying - depending on the situation. Learn more about it in this article.

Ferret Diseases & Conditions - Learn about the most common ferret diseases and conditions. You should examine your ferrets on a regular basis to prevent any condition from getting out of hand.

Choosing A Ferret - Here are some factors to keep in mind before choosing a ferret. It might not be the best idea to just pick the first ferret you fall in love with. Here are some important things to know about ferrets before picking one.

Dog Training - Dog Traits - All dogs share certain traits and characteristics - regardless of breed. Understanding a dog's nature is an important part of dog training. Learn about Dog Nature and Dog Training.

Bengal Cats - Owning a beautiful Bengal cat is pretty special. Their spots and coloring will remind you of a leopard. And Bengal cats have personalities that are sometimes dog-like.

Pet Bird Body Language - Figuring out what your pet bird is trying to tell you is not always easy - even when you have a talking bird. Learn about what your pet bird is trying to tell you through his body language.

Adding Fish to Your Aquarium - You should take your time and do your research before adding fish to your aquarium. The proper mixture of fish is vital to a healthy aquarium.

Ferret Care Information - Basic ferret care can be a bit more involved than caring for cats or dogs, but you'll probably find it to be well worth it. Caring for ferrets is a challenge, but it's also a lot of fun to have ferrets as pets.

Dog Behavior Problems - Dealing with dog behavior problems requires knowledge and persistence. Pretty much any problem can be overcome if you do your homework - it sure is worth it.

Taking Care of Kittens - Taking care of kittens is not as easy as some people think. It's usually easier for those who have raised kittens before, but there is a learning curve for those who are new to cats.

Pet Bird Safety - Pet birds can be a bit more fragile than many other types of pets like dogs or cats. Here are some tips on keeping your pet bird safe and secure around your house.

Pet Portraits - Pet portraits are an excellent way to remember your pets. You can get animal portraits done for any type of animal, whether they're living or not. And they fit just about any d├ęcor.

Small Dog Breeds - Although I love all dogs, I've always preferred small dog breeds. They're easier to care for and can be carried around like a baby doll. Small dogs are also very intelligent and make excellent pets.

Ferret Cages - When picking out a ferret cage, there are certain things to keep in mind. Not only do ferret cages need to be safe, they should also provide plenty of room and be easy to clean.

Love Birds - Love Birds are wonderful pet birds that require special care like any other parrot. Here are some important things to keep in mind before deciding to go out and buy one lovebird or a pair of lovebirds.

Hermit Crab Care - Hermit crab care is more complicated than some might think. But it's easy to get the hang of it and keeping hermit crabs is so much fun, you'll find that it's worth it.

Adopt a Ferret - Before you go to adopt a ferret, make sure you're prepared. Prepared for the responsibility and special care that ferrets require. Ferrets make great pets, but they're not right for everyone.

Labrador Puppies - Before shopping for Labrador puppies in Sarasota Florida, here are some things to consider. What to look for and think about before bringing a Labrador Retriever into your home.

Traits of Himalayan Kittens - The traits of Himalayan kittens are very distinctive. Himalayan cats inherit their appearance from the Persian and the Siamese cat. This gives them wonderful traits of both breeds.

Siamese Kittens In Virginia - When looking for a Siamese kitten in Virginia or any other place, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Are you ready to provide the necessary care to a Siamese cat? They have special requirements.

Dog Behavior Training In New York City - If you're looking for dog behavior training in New York City, be careful which dog trainer you go with. If you choose the wrong trainer, you may become frustrated and unsuccessful. Here's what to look for in your search.

Bird Houses In Houston, TX - Shopping for bird houses in Houston, TX; Dallas, TX or any other city can be a bit overwhelming - with so many birdhouses to choose from. Here are some steps to take before purchasing any bird house.

Scarlet Macaw Parrots - Scarlet Macaws are a beautiful, intelligent and talkative parrot. But they require a good bit of care and maintenance. Find out if you're prepared to take on the challenge.

Tropical Fish Varieties - Not all tropical fish are created equal, and not all can be kept with others. Which tropical fish are the easiest to care for and which ones go well with others? This article aims to answer these questions.

Free Kittens - When answering any ad for free kittens to a good home, take your time and pick the healthiest kitten you can find. And get all the supplies you'll need before bringing a new cat home.

Pit Bull Puppies - Pit Bull puppies should be raised properly. When you're thinking of adding a Pit Bull into your home, make sure you understand this breed and are ready for the responsibility.

Parakeet Care - Parakeet care is all about providing the best home possible for your new pet bird. The right parakeet cage, supplies, and proper handling are essential to providing the best possible care.

Freshwater Home Aquarium Sharks - A look at the different types of small freshwater aquarium sharks that are frequently available for sale. Which do best in a community tank, and which are better left alone?

Cleaning Cat Urine - Cat urine stains and smells are a real pain. What removes cat urine and why do cats behave the way they do? Read this article to find out.

Caring For Puppy Colic - Puppy colic can turn serious if left untreated. How do you tell if your puppy is suffering from colic? This article will give you advice on what to look for and how to deal with this condition.

Oscar Fish Care Tips - Providing good Oscar fish care is not terribly complicated. It's a matter of being prepared with the right knowledge and supplies before bringing your Oscar home.

Persian Cat Rescue Organizations - You can get a beautiful feline through a Persian Cat Rescue group. You'll find cats available in all age groups - from kittens to the elderly in need of good homes.

Puppy Adoption - Are you looking for a puppy to adopt? Here are some key points to keep in mind when thinking of dog adoption.

Treating Ich In Fish - A look at how to prevent and cure ich in fish. Fish ich (white spots) is the most common fish disease.

Free Tabby Kittens - You can find free tabby kittens many times a year. But don't buy the first kitten you come across if he or she isn't healthy.

Looking For Free Puppies In Illinois - Shopping for free puppies in Illinois is really no different from any other part of the country. Always use common sense and good judgment when picking out any free puppy.

The Altum Angelfish - Altum Angelfish are not readily available for sale in most pet shops. But they are among the most beautiful of all tropical fish. Are they the right fish for you?

Cat Won't Eat Or Drink - Do you have a cat that is not eating or drinking? Here are some possible causes and what to do about them.

Feist Puppies - A look at the Feist breed of dog. And what to look for when picking a Feist puppy from a litter.

Funny Pet Names For Fish - Get ideas for naming your pet fish. Whether you have a goldfish, mollie, guppy, swordtail, oscar or any other breed of fish.

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

Transport Dog Crates - What to look for when choosing a dog crate or pet carrier.

Names For Kittens Or Cats - Ideas for naming your pet cat. Including names for Siamese, Persian, Himalayan, Tabby and just about any other kitten you need a name for.