German Shepherd Dog Names

German shepherd names

German shepherds are wonderful dogs. They are beautiful, smart, strong, and loyal – among other things.

And they deserve a great name that will do them justice.

The breed originated in Germany, where they are also known as Alsatians. They were bred as workers to guard and protect sheep – and they do their job extremely well. This ability also makes them excellent security and guard dogs.

The American Kennel Club classifies them in their Herding group and they represent a relatively large percentage of dog breeds registered.

This list of German shepherd dog names and meanings should give you plenty of ideas for naming your male or female puppy. They are names taken from the German language or they have some association with Germany.

Abelard – Noble and loyal. A good name for your pure-blooded German shepherd boy.
Achtung – “Attention please.”
Ada – Noble woman. Your pure-bred girl would love this name.
Adelaide – Of the nobility.
Adler – German word for Eagle. And excellent name for any watch or guard dog.
Adolf or Adolph – Noble wolf.
Alrich – All powerful leader.
Ansatz – Starting place.
Anselm, Anselma (Feminine) – Helmet of God.
Bach – Johann Sebastian Bach was a famous German composer.
Baldrich – Brave leader.
Beethoven – Ludwig van Beethoven was a famous German composer.
Berlin – A prominent and large German city.
Bernd – Bear. A good name for any brave German dog.
Bertha – Bright. This girl radiates intelligence.
Blitz or Blitzer – All out or lightning offensive or defensive.
Bruno – Brown-skinned.
Carl – Man
Carla – Feminine form of Man. Strong woman.
Conrad – Brave counselor or advisor.
Dieter – The people’s army or warrior.
Eberhard – Brave boar.
Einstein – Albert Einstein was a German born physicist who developed the theory of Relativity. An excellent name for your highly intelligent German Shepherd.
Ernst – Sincere or serious. This dog is all business.

Franz – German term for French.
Frau and Fräulein – Young woman or married woman.
Freda or Frieda – Serene or calming.
Geist – Spirit or mind.
Gertrude, Gert, Gertie – Strong spear or strength of a spear.
Gestalt – Shape or form. This dog is well-built.
Godfrey or Gottfried – God’s peace.
Gottlieb – God’s love. You feel blessed that this puppy came into your life.
Gummi Bear – Chewy candy.
Hartman – Strong Man.
Heinrich – Ruler and counselor.
Helmut – Brave protector.
Herr – Man or Mister.
Hilda – Battle or warrior maiden.
Junker – Young lord. A good name for a pure bred German Shepherd that comes from Champion lines.
Kaiser – Emperor. He’s a real Alpha-Male doggie.
Klaus – Victorious people.
Kobold – Little fairy or sprite in German folklore.
Lager – A type of German beer.
Ludwig – Renowned warrior.
Luther – Martin Luther helped begin the Protestant Reformation.
Meister – Master. Sometimes you feel like your dog is the real leader in your household.
Otto – Wealthy. This German Shepherd has chew toys to spare.
Panzer – A German tank. A name for any big, tough canine.
Porsche – A fine German sports car brand.
Rudolph or Rolf – German term for a famous wolf. Also a famous reindeer with a red nose.
Schnaps – A rather strong alcoholic beverage.
Schuss – Fast downhill skiing.
Siegfried – Peace through victory.
Steffi – Steffi Graf is considered one of the greatest female tennis players ever.
Trommel – Cylinder or drum used to separate materials.
Ulrich – Powerful ruler. He is definitely the alpha male.
Valda – Strong ruler. She could be called the alpha female.
Walzer – German form of Waltz (type of dance). This doggie is fairly graceful.
Wolfgang – The way of the wolf.

Hopefully you have just seen one or a few German Shepherd dog names that strike your fancy – or more importantly your dog’s fancy.

German Shepherd Dog Names
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German Shepherd Dog Names
This list of German shepherd dog names and meanings should give you plenty of ideas for naming your male or female puppy.
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