Cats Sitting Pretty: A Guide to Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting

If you’re a cat lover, it can be difficult to leave your beloved pet at home while you’re away on vacation or business trips, or even just heading out to the store for an hour or two. That’s where cat day care centers and cat sitting services come in! Cat day care centers are facilities that provide your kitty with safe accommodations and lots of playtime with other cats; cat sitting services provide one-on-one attention from an animal lover who visits your home regularly throughout the day and makes sure your kitty stays fed, exercised, and clean throughout your time away.

What is Cat Sitting?

Cat sitting is a service where someone comes to your home to take care of your cat(s) while you are away. Alternately, there are cat sitting services, where you can take your cat to be cared for, while you are away. Cat sitting can include feeding, playing, and providing general care and companionship.

There are many reasons why people might need cat sitting services including vacations, work commitments or family emergencies. Some people who have cats choose to board their pets at a facility like PetSmart in order to get this level of care while they are away. Boarding can cost anywhere from $20-$100 per night depending on how long the stay is. In addition, boarding facilities usually charge an extra fee for administering any medications or special treatments that may be needed. For example, if your cat has diabetes and needs insulin shots every day, it could cost an additional $25-50 each time he gets one.

How do I find a cat sitter?

If you’re looking for a cat sitter, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, think about what kind of care your cat will need. Will they need someone to come over once a day to feed them and change the litter box? Or will they need someone to stay with them overnight? Once you know what kind of care your cat will need, you can start looking for a sitter.

There are a few ways to find a good cat sitter. You can ask friends and family if they know anyone who does this type of work, or you can search online directories. Once you’ve found a few potential sitters, be sure to interview them and ask for references.

What do I need before getting a pet sitter?

Before you can hire a pet sitter, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to make sure your cat is comfortable with strangers. This means getting them used to being around people they don’t know. Secondly, you need to make sure your cat is up-to-date on all their vaccinations. This will help keep them healthy while they’re away from home. Thirdly, you need to have a list of emergency contacts for your pet sitter in case something happens. Fourthly, it’s important to talk about the basics with your pet sitter such as what kind of food your cat eats and when they usually eat it. It’s also important to mention if any other animals live in the house and what kind of areas the cats have access to. Finally, you should ask if there are any areas that the cats shouldn’t be allowed into because it might endanger them or cause an accident.

Cat Sitting Services

So, you got picked to be the cat sitter?

You were asked to cat sit for a friend or family…now what? No worries, this list will help you with everything you need to know to make sure you can easily manage taking care of your furry little friend’s friend.

1. Get to know your client’s cat. Spend some time playing with the cat and getting to know its personality. This will help you understand how to best care for the cat while its owner is away.
2. Keep a clean litter box. scoop it out every day and give the box a thorough cleaning once a week. A happy cat is a clean cat!
3. Feed the cat on a regular schedule and leave plenty of fresh water. Cats can get dehydrated, so make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water.
4. Give the cat plenty of attention and playtime. Cats are social animals, so don’t neglect them when they’re home alone – especially if they’re home alone all day long (talk about feeling lonely!).
5. Make sure that there are no poisonous items around that might tempt a curious kitty (like plants or medications).
6. Give the cat some new toys to keep them occupied. Cats love to explore and stretch their paws, so try giving them a new toy or two every now and then.
7. Maintain a routine as much as possible. Remember that cats thrive in consistency, so try not to change anything too often-especially things like feeding times and type of food given.
8. Follow the guidelines listed by your client’s veterinarian. If they left specific instructions for caring for their pet, be sure to follow those guidelines exactly.
9. Clean any surfaces that may have been used by the cat (such as couches) before vacuuming. Cats can carry diseases, so be sure to sanitize any area where the cat has left fur or feces behind.
10. Follow up with your client after the trip ends! Ask how everything went and thank them for trusting you with their furry friend!

Go ahead, spoil your pets!

While not very practical, cat sitting is a great way to spoil your pet. Cats are often independent and do well on their own. Cats need food and water, but they also need their owner’s affection in order to thrive. If you can’t stay at home for an extended period of time (and if you don’t have any other friends or family members who can help), then hiring a professional might be the best option for you and your cat. So go ahead, spoil your cat!

Cats Sitting Pretty: A Guide to Cat Sitting
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Cats Sitting Pretty: A Guide to Cat Sitting
Cat sitting is a service where someone comes to your home to take care of your cat(s) while you are away. Alternately, there are cat sitting services, where you can take your cat to be cared for, while you are away.
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