Taking Care of Kittens


Caring for kittens is rewarding and fun, but it’s also a big responsibility. Most children aren’t prepared to take on the full responsibility of taking care of kittens – and some adults aren’t either. But anyone can learn how, if they really want to.

Raising a pet such as a puppy or kitten will help kids develop a sense of responsibility. And many couples decide to practice raising a cat or dog before bringing a human baby into their lives.

Your pet store or animal shelter will usually give you plenty of advice on proper kitten care – not to mention your veterinarian. They can tell you when to feed them, how to train them, what the different sounds they make mean, and all the rest. Even so, you’re bound to encounter some issues you’ve never considered.

This is especially true if you adopt newborn kittens. Experts don’t recommend separating a kitten from her mother before they’re at least 4 weeks old, with 5 or 6 weeks better. But in reality, many kittens are given away almost as soon as their eyes open. In these situations, kitten care can be a bit more of a challenge.

Newborn kittens are prone to get diseases. They’re emotionally and physically fragile, and need to be protected from any kind of shock. Older pets, children, and even family members who mean well can do irreparable harm to these young animals.

Try to get as much good advice as you can when it comes to raising your new kittens. Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family and especially your veterinarian when you have any questions at all. Take advantage of your local library or visit Amazon for excellent books on cat care. And the internet is full of questions and answers on all types of cat care issues.

Although most folks consider raising kittens to be easier than raising puppies, it’s not all a bed of roses. Cats like to scratch and claw things – especially furniture. So you’ll have to try some type of behavior modification or declawing. And some cats (especially males) mark their territory by spraying urine on your furniture. This issue can be resolved by having your cat fixed and changing his environment so that he doesn’t feel threatened.

Once again, caring for kittens is a big responsibility – and it can seem like a chore at times. But it’s definitely worth it. Cats are endlessly fascinating and extremely lovable pets.