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Cat Sitting

Cats Sitting Pretty: A Guide to Cat Sitting

If you’re a cat lover, it can be difficult to leave your beloved pet at home while you’re away on vacation or business trips,...
Choosing A Ferret

Choosing A Ferret

How to Raise Happy and Healthy Ferrets Choosing a ferret might involve love at first sight. You spot one right away that you've just got...
Bengal Cat

The Beautiful Bengal Cat

Owning a Bengal cat is like having your own baby leopard. But this leopard won't ever get bigger than an average size housecat -...

Taking Care of Kittens

Caring for kittens is rewarding and fun, but it's also a big responsibility. Most children aren't prepared to take on the full responsibility of...
Oscar Fish

Oscar Fish Care

Good Oscar fish care starts with learning as much as you can about the special requirements of this beautiful and much sought-after tropical freshwater...
What Removes Cat Urine?

What Removes Cat Urine?

When trying to find what removes cat urine, it really helps to find the cause first. You can clean up the mess and the smell,...
Ferret Diseases

Ferret Diseases & Conditions

Here is a look at some of the most common ferret diseases and conditions. Ferret Adrenal Disease One of the most common conditions that affect ferrets...
Types of Tropical Fish

Types Of Tropical Fish

There are many types of tropical fish for you to choose from when setting up an aquarium. It’s wise to understand the different types...
Himalayan Cat

Traits Of Himalayan Kittens

There are many traits of Himalayan kittens that make them one of the most popular breeds of cat. Although the Himalayan breed hasn't been around...
Cat Won’t Eat Or Drink

Cat Won’t Eat Or Drink

It can be frustrating and scary when your cat won’t eat or drink. You’ll need to investigate to determine how serious the problem really...
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