Traits Of Himalayan Kittens

Himalayan Cat

There are many traits of Himalayan kittens that make them one of the most popular breeds of cat.

Although the Himalayan breed hasn’t been around for very long, they are one of the most sought after breeds of cat for good reason. Their beautiful appearance and wonderful personalities make them a perfect pet for any cat lover. But make sure you’re aware of the special care required before going out and buying or adopting one of these lovely animals. They’re definitely not your average, run-of-the-mill alley cat.

History of the Himalayan

Himalayan cats (Himmies) began in the 1930’s when a couple of folks had the wonderful idea of crossing Persian cats with Siamese cats to produce a long-haired, Persian-bodied cat with the points of a Siamese. They succeeded and eventually had their new breed recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1957. In the mid 1980’s, the CFA moved the Himalayan breed into its Persian division. So the CFA considers a Himalayan to be a Persian Himalayan.

Special Traits of Himalayan Kittens

Himalayan kittens are born without colorpoints, they’re either pure white or cream. After a couple of weeks they begin to develop their colorpoints which are located on their faces, ears, tails, and legs. These points come in blue, seal, lilac, chocolate, flame, tortoiseshell (tortie), lynx (tabby), blue-cream, and cream.

Himmies have distinctive personalites. They inherit a calm and placid nature from their Persian bloodlines and an outgoing and social personality from their Siamese bloodlines. This results in a wonderful combination. Many Himalayans exhibit kitten-like behavior their whole lives. They are very playful and want to be with you much of the time, but they do value their private time.

Caring For Your Himalayan

A Himalayan cat requires special care that any longhaired cat would. You should brush their hair every day and try to bathe them every week or two. If you don’t do this, their hair will become matted and will have to be shaven. They’re also more susceptible to hairballs than shorthaired cats.

A Himalayan’s flat Persian face can also present breathing or respiratory problems and watery eyes (which requires frequent cleaning). This breed is also prone to joint and organ problems, as well as Polycystic kidney disease due to the excessive inbreeding of certain breeders. So do your homework when picking a Himalayan kitten. Stay away from big commercial breeders and ask about the health history of a litter’s parents. Also be sure to get any health and veterinary records for your new kitten.

The traits of Himalayan kittens and cats make them a great pet – if you’re prepared to give them the care that they require and deserve. You’ll probably find that their personality and beauty make up for any special care or work required. It’s very difficult not to fall in love with a Himmy.