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Names For Kittens

Male and Female Cat Names

With so many great names for kittens out there, sometimes it's hard to pick just one.

Are you struggling to come up with good cat names? Here are some things to consider when trying to decide on the right cat name:

Names Based on Breeds or Types of Kittens

Sometimes you will find names for kittens that fit perfectly with a certain type of cat. Here are some ideas -

Siamese Names

Thai, Malay, Chaya, Phra, Nang, Khun, Rajini

Persian Names

Female - Adara, Fatima, Sadira, Vega

Male - Ahmad, Cyrus, Emir, Kareem

Himalayan Names

Dalai Lama, Everest, Mountie, Buddha, Kathmandu, Nepal, Hindi

Russian Blue Names

Indigo, Denim, Blueberry, Sapphire, Skye, Skywalker, Ocean, Sea, Cobalt, Royal

Tabby Cat Names

Tigger (From the Winnie the Pooh books and movies), Tiger, Bengal, Tabitha, Tab, Tony (Tony the Tiger - character associated with Frosted Flakes cereal)

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Fur Color

Fur color is another characteristic that might give you some naming ideas:

Black Cat - Midnight, Blackie, Inky, Ebony, Jet, Bear, Blackjack, Charcoal, Raven

Orange - Morris, Garfield, Amber, Autumn, Blaze, Champagne, Goldie, Juice

Gray - Grayson, Stormy, Tempest, Raccoon or Coon, Cloudy, Galena

White - Snow White, Snowy, Blizzard, Boo, Cotton, Frosty, Snowman, Alabaster, Ivory, Winter

Calico - Callie, Fleck, Freckles, Patches, Zebra, Pando or Tuxedo (black and white cats)

Rescue and Adopted Kitten Names

Here are some good pet names for a cat that you rescued or adopted from an animal shelter:

Lucky, Fate, Karma, Kismet, Charity, Liberty, Freedom, Destiny, Fortune, Fortuna, Chance

Kitten Names Based on Qualities

Certain qualities also make for good kitten names:

Bubbles - bubbly personality, Bliss, Charisma, Cherish or Cher, Happy, Hopper or Cricket- all cats have great leaping ability, Amity (friendship), Grace or Gracie, Harmony, Joy, Hunter (all cats are great predators), Mantis (for long-legged cats or kittens), Thorn

General or All-Purpose Cat Names

Here are some other names that fit well with cats in general:

Egyptian names because cats were worshipped in early Egypt - Egypt, Cleopatra or Cleo, Pharaoh, Tut, Niles

Disney - The Lion King - Simba, Scar. Figaro - The cat character in Disney's Pinocchio.

Common cat names - Tom, Alley, Sylvester (from the Sylvester and Tweety cartoon), Leo (the lion), Whiskers

Does your cat have beautiful green eyes? Then you could go with Emerald or Esmeralda

Hopefully these names for kittens have given you some good ideas. If nothing else, then they have probably given you a good starting point in your search for the right cat name. Or at least they've helped to get your creative juices flowing.