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Japanese Akita Dog Names

For Both Males and Females

This listing of Akita dog names will give you plenty of great ideas for naming your new pet.

The Akita is a dog breed that originated in Japan and is known for its hunting and guarding abilities. The AKC recognized this breed in 1972 and is categorized in their working dog group.

We have included both male and female names - some names could go both ways, while others might not. Japanese Akita Names -

Abayo - Is a farewell greeting.
Aiko, Ai - Love. This Akita holds a special place in your heart.
Akane - Red
Akemi - Bright
Akiko - Bright
Akira - Bright
Aku - Evil or Bad. This canine is not always well-mannered.
Arigato - Thank You. You are so thankful that this puppy came into your life.
Aya - Color
Ayaka - Colorful flower
Bishoujo - Princess or beautiful. This Akita girl has no flaws.
Bouzu - Child. You hope this puppy never grows up.
Bushido - The code of honor for a Samurai. An excellent name for guard dogs.
Chibi - Small.
Daikon - A big radish. This puppy adds a lot of spice.
Dakara - Therefore or because.
Dojo - A school. Many people associate it with a martial arts school.
Furo - Bath. This doggie rather enjoys the water.
Fushigi - Sense of wonder or awe. This dog moves in mysterious ways.
Genki - Full of energy. This puppy never slows down.
Hai - Means Yes. She's the most obedient dog on the block.
Hajime - To begin. Sometimes used as a male Japanese name.
Hidoi - Mean or violent. A good guard dog name.
Hikari - Beam of light.
Hime - A beautiful princess. A good name for your pure-bred or flawless pet.
Hitomi - She is a famous Japanese pop singer and songwriter.
Ichiban - Means one or the first.
Ikari - An angry warrior. This dog lives to protect you.
Inochi - Life force or spirit.
Inu - Dog.
Kami - The Spirit or Spirits.
Kanji - The Chinese characters used in Japanese writing.
Kao - Japanese term for face. This dog has an attractive face.
Kaze - Wind or breeze. This canine runs like the wind.
Kimono - Robe. This dog covers and protects you?
Kodomo - Child.
Koi - A large colorful pond fish.
Mamoru - Protector. Also a popular Japanese name.
Manto - Cape or Cloak. This dog lives to protect you.
Miko - Japanese Shaman priestess. This doggie has some unusual powers?
Miso - A spicy Japanese soy based seasoning.
Mizu - Water. This doggie likes to take baths.
Mori - Forest. Also a popular Japanese name.
Nezumi - Rat or mouse.
Obi - Belt or Sash. This canine ties your household together.
Oni - Demon or monster in Japanese folklore.
Onna - Female or woman.
Rei - Polite or Gracious female.
Sakura - Cherry blossom. This girl is beautiful.
Samurai - A warrior class with a strict honor code in pre-modern Japan.
Sensei - A teacher. This canine is a natural leader.
Senshi - Soldier or warrior. A good guard dog name.
Shogun - Military dictators of Japan in the 12th through the 19th centuries.
Shōjo - A little woman or girl.
Suru - To do. He is a dog of action.
Sushi - This doggie likes his/her food raw.
Tamashii - Spirit.
Tenshi - Angel.
Udon - A popular Japanese noodle. This dog is flexible?
Yen - A Japanese monetary unit.
Yoshi - Popular dinosaur-like character in Nintendo video games.
Yuki - Snow. Also a popular given name.

Hopefully, you've just found one or a few good Akita dog names from our list. You'll know when you come up with the right name. How? It will just feel right, and you might just notice a little response from your dog too.