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Free Kittens To Good Home

You'll find plenty of people willing to give away free kittens to a good home.

Just take your time and choose a healthy kitten.

You can find “Free Kittens To Good Home” ads in your newspaper or online pretty much every day.

Why do people find it necessary to give up their kittens?

What should you look for when trying to choose a healthy kitten?

And are you prepared for the time and expense involved with raising a cat? We'll attempt to answer these questions and more.

People find it necessary to give away a litter of kittens for a variety of reasons. They may be moving and can't take a bunch of cats with them.

They might not have the space or expenses to take care of more than one or two cats. And in many cases, a cat pregnancy is not intended - the owner never spayed her cat.

Many owners will advertise the unwanted kitten litter in the newspaper or online as “kittens free to a good home.” And any kittens that are not wanted are taken to the local animal shelter or pound.

Pick A Healthy Kitten

When going to look at a litter of kittens, take your time and try not to fall in love right off the bat. You want a healthy looking litter, because if even one kitten looks sick, they could all be sick.

Four sleeping kittens

A healthy kitten will have bright and clear eyes. They will have no mucous (wet or dried) around their eyes, ears or nose. Their coat will be free of bald patches and sores. And they'll walk without a limp.

You probably don't want an aggressive cat, so avoid any kitten that continually hisses at you and scratches after you pick him/her up. They may never grow out of this behavior.

Time and Expenses

Although you may be getting a kitten for free, there are still expenses involved. You'll have to deal with veterinarian bills at some point.

And there are certain basic supplies you';ll need to provide - feeding dishes, food, litter box, scratching post, collar, grooming tools, and a collar.

Even though cats don't require as much attention or maintenance as dogs, you'll still need to devote some time to them each day.

If you'll be at work all day, you might want to consider adopting two kittens (littermates). This will give them a friend to keep them company during the day while you're away.

When you take your time and prepare, you'll be providing a good home to a free kitten. And you just might be saving a life too.